For Beats' Sake

by Lazy Rabbit



For Beats Sake was inspired by the sounds of the city and the love of music.

Special thanks to my friends and family for all your support.
Extra special thanks to my parents, for their invaluable encouragement and investment in my various musical endeavors.


released January 3, 2013

Album Art by Catherine Seabrook
Banner/Logo by Liz Wikstrom

Percussion, Jamie Fried
Cello, Saul Richmond-Rakerd
Tenor Saxophone, Zachary Winoker
Soprano Saxophone, Sumner Becker
Trumpet, Marc Langer
Synth, Nara Shin
Synth, Clyde Lawrence
Vocals, Alexis Aurigemma
Vocals, Wesley Sanders
Vocals, Joshua Biber
Speaking, Adalyn Naka
Speaking, Kevin Casto
Guitar/Bass/Percussion/Synth, Jonathan Koh

Samples Used:
Body and Soul - Nat King Cole
Body and Soul - Sonny Rollins
Sim Sala Bim - Fleet Foxes
Angel Eyes - Barney Kessel
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime - Beck
Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul
Armchairs - Andrew Bird
Fantasia in D Minor - Mozart

Special Thanks to Jamie Hayes for his contributions to Ponds.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jonathan Koh


all rights reserved



Lazy Rabbit Providence, Rhode Island

Lazy Rabbit loves eating lettuce. He is also a musician and producer who loves making beats and funk music. Occasionally he makes dance music.

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Track Name: Subway Funk
Let it flow
Let it flow through ya
Track Name: Body and Soul (feat. Wesaso)
The tables are set and all the lights is dimmed down
All the women slimmed down, all the weed has been ground
My coat tails is hanging down, the fine china is set
Reminding the waiter the dinner fork always sits on the left
You're welcome
Move to the kitchen dap up the chef sliding me a piece of mignon
That's a taste test
Bon appetit oui oui I like what I see
Grab a glass and wash it down with some pinot grigio
I can't explain how I feel fresh doesn't cut it and dope is just too damn real
Move to the hors d'oeuvres, it's just the first quarter
So all want some fruit and cheese and two oysters in that order
The chandeliers in here is like we paused time square one second before the ball drop on New Years
Yes we as fresh as we appear to the point we make Houdini reappear
Hold up, the guests are here.
Track Name: Float in the Ocean (feat. Wesaso)

Find that dope shit, stop that motion, we don't have to do this we can float in the ocean

Light blue vans gum sole 'cause i'm classic
Never know what's next 'cause my mind is too elaborate
It's a labyrinth I get lost in
Gotta get a better hold of this confidence
Gotta get a better grip of the compliments
So I can live more marvelous
I'm a pale skin, long neck, high as fuck, freckle faced, college kid with no regard, with a lit cigar
"Oh my god, oh my god he's so bizzare"
But you are too
Weird for me lyrically I'm dean martin on PCP, angel dust, 'aint I clutch
Like the bag that you hold, to your chest as you run
If I could I would fly south like birds do
Eat that crab platter seafood that they serve you
Hush puppies, don't eat the first food they serve you
Parkour over Darfur like a swingset
Clean kept but never kept clean like my mom said
Nonsense like you had no pennies in your conscience
We're all intelligent idiots, savants's

Find that dope shit, stop that motion, we don't have to do this we can float in the ocean

Life is the give and the take and I reckon the method I save every second for
Living life, living well, always
like we did back when we was walking in the hallways
Now we all branched off like trees on them fall days
You can call me Chauncey Billups the way I constantly kill it
I'd rather be on a gondola chilling
Swear to god I get this feeling every time I get so high
Next month you'll see my shit in the MOMA
It's the moment of clarity open your eyes carefully
Happiness only happens when you have someone to share it with
Real talk that's the truth you should listen
Be careful who you're smooching you don't know who you're kissing
They could be a dead beat and that would be deadly
Upper ninety you can find me kicking clean like Messi
I be on some presidential shit like the west wing
Almost superhuman John Wayne Gretzky

Find that dope shit, stop that motion, we don't have to do this we can float in the ocean
Track Name: Spring (feat. Wesaso)
I saw your picture on the fridge made me wanna call and see
Made me wanna search our conversations for an apology but part of me
A part of me still needs to see, still needs to breathe, still needs to leave it all alone.
I can't be left sitting waiting wishing on my own so I pick up the pieces and head home
God damn, I write these poems, but for what, I never know, because I'm gone gone gone.

But for what, I never know I'm gone gone gone

Which kid did the switch flip, aw that kid with the blonde locks did it
All John Locke with it blowing up the king Guy Fawkes with it
You should fuck with it cooking vicious
I want a mistress to wash dishes with I'm done with the mistresses
I want someone to share in my kisses with
Who understands why I feel alone
Keeping it real, always stay true
Only share intimate details with someone like you

And we have only one shot so, let's make it work, baby
Track Name: Angel Eyes (feat. Wesaso and Rah_Sol)

[Wes Verse]
I'm too stoned
Write that on my tombstone
Skeletons laid back sipping on some oolong
Right there on that futon
Stale like old croutons
Talking like Jack Sparrow like "Why is all the food gone?"
I guess I should probably get up and get going
Maybe a shower, maybe a poem
Been bobbing my head since I was born
If you don't believe me ask my moms
And half the time I'm doing it wrong
Thinking I'm doing it right all along
Thinking I can do it all on my own
Thinking I'm never the reason you're gone
King Kong do us Kingdom Come
Singing songs that never been sung
Thinking about the I've become with a gold chain hanging over my lung
And a black veil dripping over the sun
Like when is this hangover gonna be done
Like when is this hangover gonna be done
Scratch that, I do it for fun

[Josh verse]
What do y'all want from me not much I hope 'cause I don't got much
Except my soul but they don't accept my soul when I roll, roll, roll, roll
Roll to the gas station and I need two gallons if I wanna get home
Brother in his room pacing in the rush for the buzzer, living life on the run, momma on the phone
More stress, but it's love and I know so I gotta see light in the darkness
Fight the past go to Harkness reembark on a dream that I lost this poetry
In the midnight self loathing, three days in the same clothing
Instability exposing, me for the me almost folding but instead composing lyrical heat
In the studio streets or wherever the beats at
React life til I'm finally free to reach home it's the hope 'cause I promise to be there
And this and that, this and that, this and that man fighting for my memories at night like I was Batman
Hold up, I can't finish on no RnB
Check it
Like this and that, this and that, this and that man
Rap this verse for Toni so she know the city's back fam.

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